Asma Ghawth Al-Samadani

From amongst the effluences of Lordly Grace that illuminate the Qadiri path is this litany of appellations  and honorifics extolling the rank and virtues of Sayyidina-sh Shaikh Muhyi-d Din ‘Abdu-l Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah sanctify his secret).

Each of these is a petal that makes up the sweet scented rose named, ‘Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah perfume his mausoleum). His spiritual fragrance, inherited from his exalted grandfather (Allah bless him and give him peace), has emanated all domains.

It will appear perplexing to even Muslims how one can lavish such praises on a created soul who is not even an Envoy of God. Indeed, love is strange. These epithets were lovingly bestowed by ardent lovers upon a beloved master at whose blessed hands and in whose radiant path they had attained that which is beyond words.

Sayyidina-sh Shaikh is an embodiment of the Prophetic essence. Every word of praise upon him is in reality exalting the Paragon of creation (Allah bless him and give him peace). Consequently, it is also laud of the One Transcendent Lord, for it is said that praising the courtier is in effect praising the King, who is the Ultimate Goal.

This litany is also known as an Isti’ana or “Plea for Help” where the succour of Sayyidina-sh Shaikh is sought for one’s worldly needs and other-worldly aspirations. There is certainly no power or strength except with Allah, the All-High, the Almighty. And He bestows His Lordly Grace on whomever He desires — be they treading upon the earth or hidden beneath it.

Amongst the works where this litany can be found are:

  • Al-Fuyudat Ar-Rabbaniyya by Shaikh Isma’il Muhammad Sa’id al-Qadiri
  • Bukhari Ratib by Sayyid Muhammad Bukhari Tangal al-Kannanuri
  • Daruru-l Mu’minin (Part 2) by Hajj M. A. Shahul Hameed al-Madrasi
  • Al-Munjiyat (4th Edition) by Dr. Taika Shu’aib al-Kirkari al-Siddiqi

The version of the litany presented here broadly corresponds to the one found in Al-Fuyudat Ar-Rabbaniyya. The differences being the addition of:

  1. Ten (10) epithets found in the other versions
  2. Lengthened supplication at the end

Success is from Allah.

Arabic Text

English Translation

“Behold! Verily on the friends of God there is no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
The Noble Koran [Chapter: Jonah, Verse: 62]

Names of the Immortal Succour

In the Name of Allah, the Universally Merciful, the Singularly Compassionate

  1. O Sultan of those who know by direct experience!
  2. O crown of the masters of reality!
  3. O cup-bearer of the spirit!
  4. O beautiful of countenance!
  5. O blessing of humanity!
  6. O lamppost in darkness!
  7. O sun that never sets!
  8. O pearl with no equal!
  9. O full moon without freckles!
  10. O ocean without a shore!
  11. O gray falcon!
  12. O reliever of sorrows!
  13. O supreme helper!
  14. O abundant source of kindness and generosity!
  15. O treasury of the realities!
  16. O mine of the subtleties!
  17. O means of order and progress!
  18. O master of kingship and the kings!
  19. O sun of suns!
  20. O flower of the souls!
  21. O blower of the fragrant breeze!
  22. O reviver of the decayed!
  23. O lofty of aspiration!
  24. O law of the nations!
  25. O proof of the ardent lovers!
  26. O sultan of those who reach their goal!
  27. O qibla of the monotheists!
  28. O exemplar of the verifiers!
  29. O guide of the students!
  30. O leader of the Gnostics!
  31. O beloved of the Lord of the Worlds!
  32. O he who is attributed to Adnan!
  33. O scion of the family of Ta-Ha and Ya-Sin!
  34. O heir of the Selected Prophet!
  35. O vault of the mysteries!
  36. O displayer of the Beauty of Allah!
  37. O deputy of Allah’s Messenger!
  38. O integral of the Chosen One!
  39. O master of fidelity!
  40. O secret of the Preferred!
  41. O light of the Approved!
  42. O coolness of the eyes!
  43. O possessor of the blessed face!
  44. O sound in spiritual states!
  45. O truthful in utterances!
  46. O unsheathed sword of Allah!
  47. O fruit of the virtuous lady [i.e. Fatima]!
  48. O sympathizer with the people!
  49. O remover of injury!
  50. O opener of treasures!
  51. O source of secret signs!
  52. O ka’ba of those who reach their destination!
  53. O means of connection for the seekers!
  54. O shedder of luxuriant rain!
  55. O benefactor of the human-kind!
  56. O strength of the weak!
  57. O refuge of the strangers!
  58. O leader of the devout!
  59. O best of the worshipful servants!
  60. O strength of the pillars!
  61. O beloved friend of the All-Merciful!
  62. O revealer of the Externally Pre-Existent Speech!
  63. O healing of the maladies of the sick!
  64. O most righteous of the righteous!
  65. O purest of the pure!
  66. O kindled Fire of Allah!
  67. O life of the hearts!
  68. O sheikh of all!
  69. O guide of the ways!
  70. O chieftain of the loved ones!
  71. O destination of the spiritual travelers!
  72. O noble on both sides [of the family]!
  73. O pillar of both parties!
  74. O judge of the judges!
  75. O opener of the doors that are locked!
  76. O sufficient supplier of important provisions!
  77. O wall surrounding all things!
  78. O light of the council!
  79. O fulfillment of the hope when work is done!
  80. O chief of the chiefs!
  81. O source of felicity!
  82. O light of the heavens and the earths!
  83. O dictionary of the preachers!
  84. O aid of humankind!
  85. O guide of those who travel by night!
  86. O abundance of benefits!
  87. O relief in adversities!
  88. O ocean of the Sacred Law!
  89. O Sultan of the Spiritual Path!
  90. O proof of Reality!
  91. O interpreter of the knowledge of existence!
  92. O discloser of secrets!
  93. O forgiver of transgressions!
  94. O model of the saints!
  95. O support of the poor!
  96. O master of splendid spiritual states!
  97. O master of compassionate qualities!
  98. O master of high dignities!
  99. O master of the clear religion!
  100. O master of the Hanbalite school!
  101. O leader of the leaders!
  102. O remover of distress!
  103. O solver of difficult problems!
  104. O welcome guest of the Lord of the Gardens!
  105. O boon companion of the All-Merciful!
  106. O famous native of Jilan!
  107. O Emperor!
  108. O secret of my God!
  109. O virtuous one!
  110. O noble one!
  111. O dutifully devoted one!
  112. O pure one!
  113. O champion of the Truth!
  114. O ardently beloved!
  115. O Cardinal Pole of the cardinal poles!
  116. O uniquely beloved!
  117. O my master!
  118. O my support!
  119. O my patron!
  120. O my strength!
  121. O my succour!
  122. O my aid!
  123. O my assistance!
  124. O my comfort!
  125. O my honour!
  126. O my heart!
  127. O satisfier of my needs!
  128. O dispeller of my sorrows!
  129. O my radiance!
  130. O my hope!
  131. O my remedy!
  132. O Sultan!
  133. O liege of the All-Powerful!
  134. O light of the innermost beings!
  135. O possessor of power!
  136. O bestower of glory!
  137. O he whose secret is manifest in both domains!
  138. O king of the age!
  139. O he who fulfills the commandment of Allah!
  140. O inheritor of the Book of Allah!
  141. O inheritor of the Messenger of Allah!
  142. O saint, spiritual guide par excellence!
  143. O presence of Sheikh ‘Abdul Qadir,
    (may Allah sanctify his secret and illuminate his sepulcher)!
  144. O secret of secrets!
  145. O ka’ba of the righteous!
  146. O Sheikh of every Cardinal Pole and Succour!
  147. O witness of all beings at a glance!
  148. O observer of the Throne thorough His Knowledge!
  149. O traveler to the East and the West in a single step!
  150. O Cardinal Pole of the angels, humans, and jinn!
  151. O Cardinal Pole of the land and the sea!
  152. O Cardinal Pole of the East and the West!
  153. O Cardinal Pole of the Heavens and the Earths!
  154. O Cardinal Pole of the Throne, Pedestal, Tablet, and Pen!
  155. O master of aspiration and intercession!
  156. O master of generosity and noble grace!
  157. O master of the fine traits of character and aspirations!
  158. O master of dispensation in this world and in his grave, by Allah’s leave!
  159. O master of the foot raised over the neck of every saint of Allah!
  160. O he who reaches his disciple when the appeal for help is made, even if he is far away in the Levant! Your horse is saddled and your sword is unsheathed; your spear is raised and your bow is strung; your arrow is on target and your mount is ready to ride!

The Plea for Help

O supreme succour, look upon me with the eye of solicitude, aid me in all my states, support me in all my aspirations, help me with all my needs, and direct me in your path, in honour of your forefather Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace), and through his intercession, his spirit and his quintessence. Assist me for the sake of Allah.

O Allah! O Allah! O Allah! O Universally Merciful! O Singularly Compassionate! By Your Grace, Generosity, Favour, Munificence, Subtlety, Kindness, and by Your Universal Mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful! O Allah, ameliorate us by their blessings, strengthen us by their patronage, illuminate our hearts by their radiance, and secure our needs through their prodigies.

Sufficient for us is Allah, and He is the Best Guardian; the Excellent Protector and the Excellent Helper. And there is no strength or power, except with Allah; the Most High, the Supreme in Glory. May Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family and companions, and may He grant them peace. And praise belongs to Allah, sustainer of all the worlds.

And Allah is the Guide.

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