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Talqin al-Mayyit

The word talqin literally means: “to teach or explain a point”. Talqin al-Mayyit refers to the practice of instructing the deceased at the graveside after burial. There appears to be a trend towards discarding this practice and labelling it as void, baseless innovation, or even without precedent. To set the record straight, we quote here the […]

The Creed

This is the Creed [‘aqīdah] of the Lordly Cardinal Pole, Muhyiddīn ‘Abdu-l Qādir al-Jīlanī (may Allah sanctify his innermost being), as espoused beautifully in his sublime work, “Revelations of the Unseen” [futuḥ al-ghaib]: In the name of Allah, the Universally Merciful, the Singularly Compassionate Praise be to Allah, the One who modeled the mode [kayyafa […]

Resources: Hanbali School

These are some of the recommended books and eLearning resources for the Hanbali Madhab: Books The Mainstay Concerning Jurisprudence [Al-Umda fi-l Fiqh] Product Page By: Imam Muwaffaqu-d Din ‘Abdu-Llah b. Ahmad b. Qudama . Translation: Mukhtar Holland This is a foundational text on the fiqh of the Hanbali madhab by the erudite Shaikhu-l Islam Ibn Qudama Al-Maqdisi. His […]

Resources: Maliki School

These are some of the recommended books and eLearning resources for the Maliki Madhab: Books Matn al-Akhdari Unpublished. Read Online By: Sidi Abdu-r Rahman al-Akhdari. Translation: Shaykha Aisha Bewley A primer on the absolute basics of the Maliki Madhab viz. testification, purification, and prayer. The Helping Guide – Al-Murshid Al-Mu’in Product Page By: Sidi ‘Abdul Wahid b ‘Ashir. […]

Quotes on Tawhid

The Mufassir Imam Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi [d. 741 AH] wrote in commentary on the ayah of Surah al-Baqarah, “And your God is One God”: Know that people’s tawhid of Allah has three degrees: First, the tawhid of the generality of the Muslims which is that which preserves the person from destruction in the world and saves […]