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Dhikr and Du’a for Ashura

The following are the Arabic text and English translation of traditional invocations [adhkar] and supplications [ad’iyya] for the day of Ashura: Invocation & Supplication for Ashura Special Supplication for Ashura And Allah is the Guide, eminent is His Glory.

Eid Takbir

It is a recommended [mandub] propriety of the two Festivals [‘Eidain] to extol loudly the Greatness of God [takbir]. The time for the takbir is as follows: Eid al-Fitr After sunset on the night of Eid (i.e. from Maghrib of 1st Shawwal) till the commencement of the ‘Eid prayer the following morning. Eid al-Adha After every prayer […]

Adhkar after the Friday Prayers

After completing the Friday prayer [salat al jumu’a], there are some specific adhkar recommended to be performed before leaving the mosque. For ease of access, we are listing them below: 1. For Protection After pronouncing the Salam at the end of the Friday prayer, before unfolding one’s legs or engaging in any worldly conversation, recite the following Qur’anic chapters […]

Al-Musabba’at Al-‘Ashr

The “Ten Sevens” [al-Musabba’at al-‘Ashr] were gifted by the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) to Al-Khidr (upon him be peace). He (Al-Khidr) then taught them to the Murji’i ascetic of Kufa, Ibrahim al-Taimi (may Allah be pleased with him), in front of the Ka’ba. It is an effective litany to wipe away […]

Wird of Qabisa ibn Al-Mukhariq

Shaikhuna Dr. Thaika Shuaib, in his Al-Munjiyat compendium (3rd ed. p347), exhorts all muridin to maintain the following wird of Sayyidina Qabisa ibn al-Mukhariq (may Allah be pleased with him), in the morning and in the evening: subhâna Llâhi wa bi-hamdihi, subhâna Llâhi-l azîmi wa bi-hamdihi. (Thrice) “Glorified is Allah by His own Praise! Glorified is […]