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Asma Ghawth Al-Samadani

From amongst the effluences of Lordly Grace that illuminate the Qadiri path is this litany of appellations  and honorifics extolling the rank and virtues of Sayyidina-sh Shaikh Muhyi-d Din ‘Abdu-l Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah sanctify his secret). Each of these is a petal that makes up the sweet scented rose named, ‘Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (may […]

Asma Al-‘Izam

This is a famous greeting upon the saint of Nagore, Al-Sayyid Shahu-l Hamid al-Qadiri al-Naguri, may Allah sanctify his secret. It was composed by our grand-shaikh, Imam al-‘Arus Sayyid Muhammad, may Allah be pleased with him. Together with the qasidatu-r ra’iyyah, this greeting is traditionally recited by the saint’s ardent lovers when they visit his […]

Qasidah Al-Ra’iyyah

The qasidatu-r ra’iyyah fi kanji sawa’iyyah is an ode of ten quatrains extolling the virtues and miraculous exploits of Al-Sayyid Shahu-l Hamid al-Qadiri al-Naguri, may Allah illuminate his mausoleum. He is widely acclaimed as the patron saint of the South Indian Muslims. The ode was composed by the eminent South Indian reviver [mujaddid] of the […]