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Salat Al-Tajiyyah

“The Salutation of the Crowning Adornment” [salatu-t tajiyyah] is a benediction that has found universal fame. It was written by Habib Abu Bakr b. Salim, Allah illuminate his resting abode, who is laid to rest in Aynat, Hadramawt. He is known by the epithet, “honour of creation” [fakhru-l wujud]. His saintliness and piety is widely acknowledged. This […]

Basha’ir Al-Khairat

For the Elect and the Elite [i.e. awliya-allah], their worldly pleasure is in worship and following the Prophetic way. They lead distinguished lives that are characterised by their preoccupation with: Allah, eminent is His Glory the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace the Hereafter This does not mean that they lead dreary or stoical lives without […]

Salat Al-Kanz Al-A’zam

“The Salutation of the Most Splendid Treasure” [salatu-l kanzu-l a’zam] is one of the most blessed and beautiful prayers upon the Prophet Muhammad, Allah bless him and give him peace. It is attributed to both the lordly cardinal pole [al qutbu-r rabbani] Muhyiddin Abdu-l Qadir al-Jilani and the proof of Islam [hujjatu-l islam] Imam Abu […]

Salat Al-Nariyyah

The “Salutation of Engulfing Blaze” [salatu-n nariyyah] is recited with much faith and fervour in times of trials and tribulations in the Muslim world. Amongst its many names include, Salatu-t Tafrījiyya, Salāt-s Saif, and Miftāh Kanzu-l Muhīt. To achieve a legitimate worldly gain, it is proven to be of benefit to gather a group of 7 […]

Salat al-Munjiyah

The “Salutation of Salvation” [salatu-l munjiya] is a succinctly powerful Prophetic salutation attributed to Sheikh Salih Musa al-Darir, rahimahu Llah. Ibn al-Fakahani quotes from Sheikh al-Darir: “I was sailing on a boat when we were struck by a severe wind. There was little chance of surviving and everyone on board became anxious. (In that tumultuous moment,) […]