Du’a Al-Tarawih

This is the traditional supplication [du’a] made after the tarawih prayers during the nights of Ramadan in the Arwi region (South India and Sri Lanka).

Supplication for the Nights of Ramadan
after salat al-tarawih

In the name of Allah, the Universally Merciful, the Singularly Compassionate

O Allah, make us of those who – perfect our faith completely; fulfil the obligatory unreservedly; perform our prayers [salat] diligently; pay our tithes [zakat] promptly; obtain our needs through You only; seek Your forgiveness sincerely; beseech Your guidance earnestly; protect our tongues carefully; live in this world ascetically; yearn for the Hereafter longingly; accept Your Decree gladly; receive Your Blessings gratefully; deal with Your tests and tribulations patiently;

gather under the patronage banner of Your Beloved, Prophet, and Intimate Friend – Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) – on the Day of Reckoning; drink from the life-giving & soul-nourishing river [al-kawthar]; enter the Gardens of Paradise; dress in brocades of silk; recline on seats of dignity; wed spouses of celestial beauty; dine on heavenly gastronomical delights; and drink from the rivers of pure honey and milk in cups of wondrous splendour – with the comfort and pleasure in the company of the Prophets, the Truthful, the Martyrs, and the Righteous.

O Allah, we beseech You in this most blessed and noble month to accept our deeds. And do not, O Allah O Allah O Allah, drive us away or afflict us with hardship and misfortune. O Allah, verily in this month is the Night of all nights [lailatu-l qadr]. Our God, in that night, free us all from the hellfire and grant us all refuge from its tribulations.

O our Lord, bestow upon us well-being, pardon, forgiveness and mercy, and upon our fathers and mothers, our grandfathers and grandmothers, our brothers and sisters, our husbands and wives, our families and kinfolk, our guides and scholars, our teachers and their students, those who have rights over us, those who love us and want the best for us, those who guide us and others towards goodness, those who have entrusted us to supplicate for them and those we have assigned to supplicate for us, and upon all the believers and Muslims – those who are alive and those who have passed on to the next realm.

O Allah bestow upon us and them (i.e. all those mentioned above) safety, well-being, and protection from all calamities, and upon those Muslims who are embarked on the pilgrimage, engaged in struggle, travelling upon the earth, in the seas, and in the air. And protect us, our Lord, from the evils of the oppressors, the envious, the hypocrites, the heretics, the wrong-doers, and all of creation. And help and grant us victory against the unbelievers and polytheists.

May Allah invoke prayers, bestow peace, and shower blessings upon the best of His Creation, our liege-lord Muhammad, and on his pure family and noble companions.

And Allah is the Guide.

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