Mahmud Tibi

Syed Mahmud Tibi b. Syed Sadaqatullah b. Syed ‘Abdul Karim al-Qadiri (d. circa 1140 AH/1727 CE) was a descendant of the holy Prophet ﷺ. He was born in Kayalpatnam, studied in Kilakkarai, and moved to Porto Novo (now known as Parangipettai) where he is laid to rest. He was a student and deputy [khalīfa] of the renewer [mujaddid] of the 11th century, Sheikh Sadaqatullah b. Sulaiman b. Ibrahim al-Qadiri.

He was a renowned scholar of Arabic, Arwi and Persian. He was tasked by his spiritual guide to provide the materials to Umar Pulavar for the latter’s epic biography of the holy Prophet ﷺ in Tamil, Sīrāp Purānam (சீறாப்புராணம்). Another famous student of his was Nuh b. ‘Abdul Qadir (also known as Nuh, the senior) of Kayalpatnam who was the author of Vēdap Purānam (வேதபுராணம்).

He has authored a number of works in both prose and poetry. Renowned amongst them are the hagiographies on two saints revered by Arwi Muslims of South India and Sri Lanka viz. Muhyuddin ‘Abdul Qadir al-Jilani and Hadrat Shahul Hamid al-Naguri. Both these works are recited in South India, Sri Lanka, and Tamil Muslim mosques in Singapore and Malaysia annually in Rabi al-Akhir and Jumada al-Akhir respectively.

His other works include: izāmu l-fawāid fi nizāmi l-ʿaqā`id, ʿainu dh-dhawq, hadīqatu l-asrār, and mir`atu l-muhaqqiqīn. The Arwi (Arabic-Tamil) version of Umar Pulavar’s Sīrāp Purānam is also attributed to him. He has also authored an ode of 219 lines in praise of his spiritual guide.

May Allah be well pleased with Sheikh Mahmud Tibi and please him.

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