Spiritual Sexuality

Our Grand-Shaikh, Imam al-‘Arus Sayyid Muhammad b. Ahmad Lebbai (may Allah perfume his resting abode), has said the following while discussing the concept of akmalu-sh shuhud (the most perfect perception):

If you want to transform your lawful matrimonial act (sexual intercourse) into the most meritorious spiritual exercise, carefully observe the following points while making union with your lawful wife:

  • You should not be focused on gratifying sexual pleasure alone. Rather, your intent should be aimed at fulfilling your spiritual aspiration, viz., Kulli Juz’i (The divine whole, and the mortal parts).
  • You should not harbour any other thought except the dhikr of the Divine Name “Allah” in your mind. The dhikr of the firm statement “la ilaha illa-Llah” alone has to be in your wife’s mind, perceiving only the Reality.
  • In doing so, your position becomes as if you are the qalam (pen) and she the lawh (tablet), resulting in the production of a copy from the original work called Nur Muhammadiyyah (the Light of Muhammad and its Excellences).

It is only when you follow these instructions that your matrimonial act will amount to following the qualities of the chosen beloved (Allah bless him and give him peace).

This (i.e. spiritual dimension of lawful intercourse) is why the Messenger of Allah (upon him be blessings and peace) said:

حبب إلي من دنياكم ثلاث النساء والطيب وقرة عيني في الصلوة

There are three things that delight me in your world:
lawful wives, sweet odours and prayers that
give me pleasure and cool my eyes.

— Shu’ayb, T (1993). Arabic Arwi and Persion in Sarandib and Tamil Nadu. 1st ed. Madras: Imamul ‘Arus Trust. 472.

This is a spiritual method/exercise that should be accompanied by the Prophetic guidelines on bedroom relations in relation to the lawful [halal], prohibited [haram], recommended [mandub], and disliked [makruh]. Special attention should be paid to privacy, cleanliness, and the relevant supplications to be uttered at the appropriate moments. These are compiled in the document below:

Invocations & Supplications

Success and guidance is from Allah!

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