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Jihad – A Sacred Struggle

The term Jihad, etymologically derived from the word “mujahada“, is primarily used in contemporary discourse to describe martial resistance. This is an unfortunate post-modern phenomenon, for Jihad as “holy war” – while being a valid part of the Islamic tradition in the face of persecution, oppression and foreign aggression – is but one aspect of this panoptic […]

Salat before Zawal on Friday

Amongst the propriety of Fridays is to arrive at the mosque as early as possible for the Friday service. Upon entering the mosque, one should perform the recommended prayer of Greeting the Mosque [tahiyyat al-masjid]. Then, if there is adequate time before meridian [zawal], one should aim to perform the following prayer mentioned by Sayyiduna al-Shaikh Muhyuddin Abdul Qadir […]

Asma Ghawth Al-Samadani

From amongst the effluences of Lordly Grace that illuminate the Qadiri path is this litany of appellations  and honorifics extolling the rank and virtues of Sayyidina-sh Shaikh Muhyi-d Din ‘Abdu-l Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah sanctify his secret). Each of these is a petal that makes up the sweet scented rose named, ‘Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (may […]

Qasidah Al-Shathiyyah

“The Theophany Ode” [qasidatu-sh shathiyyah] is another poem in the tradition of al-khamriyyah attributed to Sayyidna-sh Shaikh ‘Abdul Qadir al-Jilani, may Allah be well pleased with him. It is the penultimate ode in the revered liturgical work of the ‘Arusi-Qadiri way, Ratib Jalaliyyah. In Sufi terminology, shath (شطح), pl. shatahât (شطحات), refers to divinely inspired ecstatic […]

Basha’ir Al-Khairat

For the Elect and the Elite [i.e. awliya-allah], their worldly pleasure is in worship and following the Prophetic way. They lead distinguished lives that are characterised by their preoccupation with: Allah, eminent is His Glory the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace the Hereafter This does not mean that they lead dreary or stoical lives without […]