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Wird of Qabisa ibn Al-Mukhariq

Shaikhuna Dr. Thaika Shuaib, in his Al-Munjiyat compendium (3rd ed. p347), exhorts all muridin to maintain the following wird of Sayyidina Qabisa ibn al-Mukhariq (may Allah be pleased with him), in the morning and in the evening: subhâna Llâhi wa bi-hamdihi, subhâna Llâhi-l azîmi wa bi-hamdihi. (Thrice) “Glorified is Allah by His own Praise! Glorified is […]

Wird Al-Tariq

The daily private litany of the order comprises of the following 3 recitals that must be recited the stipulated minimum number of times every waking day: لا إله إلا الله ١٠٠ Lā ilāha illa-Llāh (100 times) There is no god (worthy of worship) except Allah محمد رسول الله ١ [Sayyidunā] Muḥammadu-r Rasūlu-Llāh [ṣalla-Llāhu ‘alaihi wa […]

Ratib Jalaliyya

The term Ratib [rātib] is etymologically derived from ra-ta-ba, which means “to arrange something in a regular sequence or order” or “to become constant, firm, steady, steadfast, stable, fixed, fast, settled and established”. Lexically, it means “salary, pay and emolument; a thing or an affair continual or uninterrupted, constant, firm, steady, steadfast, stable, fixed, fast, […]