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Eid Takbir

It is a recommended [mandub] propriety of the two Festivals [‘Eidain] to extol loudly the Greatness of God [takbir]. The time for the takbir is as follows: Eid al-Fitr After sunset on the night of Eid (i.e. from Maghrib of 1st Shawwal) till the commencement of the ‘Eid prayer the following morning. Eid al-Adha After every prayer […]

Hajj – Pilgrimage

Performing Hajj and ‘Umrah once in a lifetime is obligatory upon the Muslim who is free, accountable, and can afford to reach Makkah and return back to his home. This includes that one has in excess of his debts, appropriate lodging and clothing, and what he is obligated to spend on those whom he must […]

Islam – Submission

The second pillar of Din is Islam or “Submission to Allah”. To be precise, it is submitting to Him in all our actions. Belief has to be naturally accompanied by actions. These actions may be committed in 3 ways: by a person’s tongue by a person’s limbs by a person’s possessions The higest form of […]