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Days of Allah – Rabi’ Al-Awwal

Day Name Resting Abode 1 ‘Urs Muhammad b. Zakariya al-Marghaylani al-Bukhari al-Madani al-Naqshbandi – Bio Madinatu-l Munawwara ‘’ ‘Urs Khwaja Muhammad Zahid Wakhshi Bio  His Grave! | Wiki (Naqshbandi-Tahiri silsila) Wakhsh, TJ 2 ‘Urs Prophet Lut Bio 1 | His Tomb | Wiki Palestine ‘’ ‘Urs Khwaja Shah Ahmad Sa’id Faruqi Mujaddidi Bio | Wiki (Naqshbandi-Tahiri silsila) Madinatu-l Munawwara 3 ‘Urs Abu Nasr […]

Correct Understanding of the Mawlid – 2

In response to the question, “Is there any basis for the Mawlid within the Prophetic Sunna?” the foremost Shafi’i jurist of this age and scion of the Prophetic household in Madinah, Al-Habib Al-‘Allamah Zayn b. Sumayt al-Shafi’i al-Husayni (may Allah protect him and keep him well) said: Yes! The Imām and Hadīth master, Ahmad Ibn […]

Correct Understanding of the Mawlid – 1

Amongst the traditional practices that generate heated arguments is the Mawlid celebration. We quote here the words of the late bastion of the ahlu-s sunnah wa-l jama’a in the Hijaz and reviver [mujaddid] of the 20th century, Al-Sayyid Al-Shaikh Muhammad b. ‘Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani (may Allah be pleased with him), who said: Many people err […]

The Tawassul Ode

The following ode [qasida], also known as ya sayyidi ya rasula-Llah bayt (யா ஸய்யிதீ யா ரஸூலல்லாஹ் பைத்து), is found in the Mawlid books of the Arwi region and is traditionally recited after the ubiquitous Subhana Mawlid that is fervently read in this part of the world. The erudite Shaikh Gibril Haddad (may Allah protect him) has […]

Qasidah Al-Burdah – On His Birth

Imam Al-Busiri’s qasidatu-l burdah is an ode in praise of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) that has found universal fame. To commemorate the mawlid season, we present here the English translation of the poem’s fourth section which waxes lyrical the momentous birth that forever changed the course of history. The Mandle Ode […]