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Dhikr and Du’a for Ashura

The following are the Arabic text and English translation of traditional invocations [adhkar] and supplications [ad’iyya] for the day of Ashura: Invocation & Supplication for Ashura Special Supplication for Ashura And Allah is the Guide, eminent is His Glory. Related Links:The Tenth of Muḥarram (PDF) by Sheikh Idris Watts, Abu Zahra FoundationThe Day of Ashura from […]

Days of Allah – Muharram Al-Haram

Day Name Resting Abode 1 New Hijri Year ‘’ ‘Urs * Abu-l Ḥasan ‘Ali b. Muhammad al-Qurashi al-Hankari – Bio Baghdad, IQ 2 ‘Urs * Abu Mahfuz Ma’ruf b. Firuz al-Karkhi Bio 1 | Bio 2 | Tomb Baghdad, IQ 3 ‘Urs ‘Uthman b. Muhammad b. Ibrahim b. Abi Shaiba Bio  His Passing ” ‘Urs Hasan Raza Khan Kalam Bareilly, IN 4 […]

Du’a Awwal al-Sana – Awwal Muharram

It is from the practice of the pious [sâlihîn] to recite the following supplication [du’â] three (3) times after the sunset prayers [salâtu-l maghrib] on the first day of Muharram which is the Islamic New Year. Amongst others, this supplication can be found in: kanzu-n najahi wa-s surur by: Al-‘Allamah Al-Shaikh ‘Abdul Hamid b. Muhammad ‘Ali Quds al-munjiyat by: Shaikh Dr. Thaika Shu’aib […]