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Salat Al-Kanz Al-A’zam

The Salutation of the Most Splendid Treasure” [salatu-l kanzu-l a’zam] is one of the most blessed and beautiful salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. It is attributed to both the lordly cardinal pole [al qutbu-r rabbani] Muhyiddin Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani and the proof of Islam [hujjatu-l islam] Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali (may Allah be […]

Arwi – The Tamil-Muslim Vernacular

Arwi or Arabic-Tamil (لسان الأروي lisān-ul-arwī; அரபு-தமிழ் arabu-tamil) is one of the forgotten legacies of the Tamil-Muslims. Our Shaikhuna describes the Arwi language in the following emphatic words: … an everlasting monument to the cultural synthesis between the Arabs on the one hand and the Tamil speaking Muslims of Sarandib (modern day Sri Lanka) and […]

Ratib Jalaliyya

The term Ratib [rātib] is etymologically derived from ra-ta-ba, which means “to arrange something in a regular sequence or order” or “to become constant, firm, steady, steadfast, stable, fixed, fast, settled and established”. Lexically, it means “salary, pay and emolument; a thing or an affair continual or uninterrupted, constant, firm, steady, steadfast, stable, fixed, fast, […]