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Belief in His Revelations

The third article of faith is belief in His Revelations. These are the Codes of Religion and Commandments revealed to His chosen Prophets. His Codes of Religion are four: the Torah [At-Tawrat] Revealed to Prophet Moses [Musa], blessings and peace be upon him, in the Hebrew language [‘Abraniyya]. the Psalms [Az-Zabur] Revealed to Prophet David [Dawud], blessings […]

Iman (Faith)

Articles of Iman Iman or “Faith” is the first pillar of Din. Iman is necessary in six matters which are known as the “Articles of Faith”: Belief in Allah Belief in His Angels Belief in His Revelations Belief in His Envoys (Prophets & Messengers) Belief in the Day of Judgement Belief in Pre-Destination Aspects of Iman There […]