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The Outer Fiqh of Fasting

As the fast of Ramadan is a once-a-year religious obligation, it is highly recommended to refresh our memories with the outward rulings pertaining to this sacred act. In this regard, we present here the summary of the Fiqh or “jurisprudence” of Fasting according to the Hanafi and Shafi’i madhahib or “schools of jurisprudence”. Hanafi The Fiqh […]

Resources: Shafi’i School

These are some of the recommended books and eLearning resources for the Shafi’i Madhab: Books Al-Risalah Al-Jamiah – The Essentials of Islam ISBN: 0955352207 By: Habib Ahmad b. Zayn al-Habashi. Translation: Abdul Aziz Fredericks.  For over three centuries the text al-Risâlah al-Jâmiah has been used across the Muslim world as a ‘primer’ for people embarking upon the study […]

Following a Madhab

One of the cancerous maladies to have struck Muslims in the past century is the call from a small group of methodologically challenged self-styled reformers to abandon following “qualified scholarship”. By this we mean following one of the 4 established Madhahib or “Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence” namely: Hanafi Madhbab This school derieves from the Usul of  Imam Abu Hanifa […]