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Sins of the Body

Among the sins of the body are: To treat one’s parents with what harms them To flee the battlefield Severing the obligatory ties of kinship To inflict an apparent harm upon the neighbor, even if he is a blasphemer, as long as he has been granted safety To dye the hair black; some scholars state […]

Sins of the Private Parts

Among the sins of the private parts are: To commit adultery or fornication, i.e. to insert the glans penis into the vagina. To commit sodomy, i.e. to insert the glans penis into the anus. The penalty for the free sodomite is the same as the adulterer and fornicator. However, the penalty for the sodomitee is […]

Sins of the Feet

Among the sins of the feet are: To walk towards committing a sin, such as walking to the ruler to inflict harm on a Muslim or the like or to walk to kill a Muslim unlawfully The inexcusable escaping/walking-away of the slave, the wife, or he who owes a right to others from what is […]

Sins of the Hands

Among the sins of the hands are: To stint when measuring by volume, weight, or arm To steal. If one stole the equivalent of one-quarter of a dinar from its secured place, one’s right hand would be amputated; if one stole again, the left foot would be amputated, then one’s left hand, then one’s right […]

Sins of the Tongue

Among the sins of the tongue are: To commit gossip [ghibah] i.e., to say something true about a Muslim in his absence that he hates to be said Talebearing between two or more Muslims to stir up trouble between them [namimah] Stirring up trouble without passing words between others – even if it is goading […]