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Supplications after Obligatory Prayers

The following are supplications [ad’iyya] traditionally recited in the Arwi region, collectively and/or individually, after the daily obligatory [fard] prayers. These appear in the major Fiqh works of Imamu-l ‘Arus such as Al-Maghani, Fathu-d Dayyan, amongst others. The supplications have been formatted to fit one A4 page and can be downloaded from this link [PDF | […]

Recitals and Practices

Apart from the prescribed daily Wird and weekly Ratib of the Tariqah, there are many other supererogatory recitals and practices adopted by the Murids. These include: Invocations [adhkar] Orisons [ahzab] Litanies [awrad] Supplications [ad’iyya] Works [waza’if] Devotional odes [qasa’id] Prayers upon the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace [salawat ‘ala-n Nabi] and other voluntary acts of worship derived from: the Holy […]