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Choosing a Madhab

Once you have decided that you wish to follow a Madhab to perfect your worship, the natural question that follows is, “Which Madhab do I choose?” Any of the four Sunni schools of law are valid to follow. Choosing one to follow is a matter of personal preference and circumstances. One should consider and ask the following […]

Following a Madhab

One of the cancerous maladies to have struck Muslims in the past century is the call from a small group of methodologically challenged self-styled reformers to abandon following “qualified scholarship”. By this we mean following one of the 4 established Madhahib or “Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence” namely: Hanafi Madhbab This school derieves from the Usul of  Imam Abu Hanifa […]

Types of Iman

There are 5 types of Iman: Iman that is inherent, pure and simple This is the faith of Angels. Iman that is protected This is the faith of the Envoys – Prophets and Messengers. Iman that is acceptable This is the faith of Muslims. Iman that is unstable This is the faith of the 72 […]